Cooperative cloud based simultaneous localization and mapping in dynamic environments (cloudSLAM)


Welcome to the webpage of cloudSLAM project.


cloudSLAM aims to develop algorithms for cooperatively solving the SLAM problem in highly dynamic environments.

UKF cloudSLAM team welcomes two new...

On February 20, 2016 Kruno Lenac i Josip Ćesić joined the UKF cloudSLAM team as PhD students. In the first year, Kruno will work on 6DoF SLAM and Josip on 6DoF multi-object detection and tracking, while in the second year they will integrate their algorithms into a full Cooperative Dynamic 6DoF SLAM capable of incorporating information of tracked moving objects, which will be implemented in the cloud and tested on a heterogeneous multi-agent system. 

Author: Ivan Petrović
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