Workshop agenda

Time Speaker Title PDF

Ivan Petrović, cloudSLAM project leader

University of Zagreb, Croatia

Welcome address, program of the workshop  

Ivan PetrovićcloudSLAM project leader

University of Zagreb, Croatia

Research results on Lie Group SLAM  

Dana Kulic, cloudSLAM project co-leader

University of Waterloo, Canada

Research results on human body motion estimation on Lie Groups  

Jonathan Kelly

University of Toronto, Canada

Cheap or Robust? SLAM, DATMO, and the Development of Practical Self-Driving Wheelchair Technology PDF
10:35-11:05     Coffee break and poster session

Davide Scaramuzza

University of Zurich, Switzerland

Towards Agile Flight of Vision-controlled Micro Flying Robots: from Frame-based to Event-based Vision PDF

Juan Andrade-Cetto

Institut de Robotica i Informatica Industrial, CSIC-UPC, Barcelona, Spain

Perception and control for aerial manipulators PDF
12:35-14:00     Lunch, continued poster session

Denis Garagić

BAE Systems, Massachusetts, USA

Navigation for GPS-Denied Environments via Simultaneous Online Localization Exchange  

Tomas Krajnik

Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

FreMEn: Frequency Map Enhancement for Long-Term Autonomy of Mobile Robots PDF

Robert Cupec

University of Osijek, Croatia

Indoor Place Recognition Using RGB-D Camera Based on Planar Surfaces and Line Segments PDF

Dražen Brščić

University of Rijeka, Croatia

People tracking for enabling human-robot interaction in large public spaces PDF
16:10-17:00     Experimental demonstrations of cloudSLAM results