Cooperative cloud based simultaneous localization and mapping in dynamic environments (cloudSLAM)


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cloudSLAM aims to develop algorithms for cooperatively solving the SLAM problem in highly dynamic environments.

cloudSLAM team at Humanoids2016

Two members of the cloudSLAM team, Prof. Ivan Petrović and Josip Ćesić, have attended the IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robts (Humanoids2016), November 15-17, Cancun, Mexico, and have presented the paper with the recent results achieved as part of the cloudSLAM project.

The work presented at the conference represents a result of the close collaboration among project partners from University of Waterloo and University of Zagreb. Furthermore, it was prepared in co-autorship of the groups of Prof. Ivan Petrović and Prof. Dana Kulić from the University of Waterloo. 



Author: Josip Ćesić
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