Cooperative cloud based simultaneous localization and mapping in dynamic environments (cloudSLAM)


Welcome to the webpage of cloudSLAM project.


cloudSLAM aims to develop algorithms for cooperatively solving the SLAM problem in highly dynamic environments.

Representatives of the World Bank...

As part of the implementation activities related to monitoring of UKF funded projects, delegation of representatives of the World Bank (Mrs. Arabela Aprahamian, Mrs. Manuela Stanculescu, Mrs. Sanja Živković and Mr. Todor Milchevski), the Unity Through Knowledge Fund (Mrs. Alessia Pozzi and Mr. Darko Huljenić) and the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports (Mr. Duško Stajić) have visited the cloudSLAM team at FER on June 1, 2016.

In the pleasant atmosphere Prof. Petrović, as the leader and principal investigator of the cloudSLAM project, has presented so far implemented work and some already delivered results. He has also given the overview of implemented dissemination activities related to the project.

The guests have provided their valuable feedback and expressed their satisfaction with the progress rate of the project activities.

The cloudSLAM team will be happy to host the delegation again in the nearest future! :)

Author: Josip Ćesić
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