Cooperative cloud based simultaneous localization and mapping in dynamic environments (cloudSLAM)


Welcome to the webpage of cloudSLAM project.


cloudSLAM aims to develop algorithms for cooperatively solving the SLAM problem in highly dynamic environments.

Prof. Dana Kulić and researcher...

As a part of the cloudSLAM project, Prof. Dana Kulić and researcher Vladimir Joukov visited the Laboratory for Autonomous Systems and Mobile Robotics (LAMOR), directed by Prof. Ivan Petrović, August 22 - August 26, 2016.

During their visit, partners have worked on development of algorithms for dynamic SLAM, particularly working on human motion estimation based on inertial measurement units. Within the short period of time the cloudSLAM team succeeded to implement a novel estimation method. In the forthcoming weeks they plan to submit the results for publication.

Author: Josip Ćesić
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